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NordVal Approved Real-timePCR Salmonella Test

Custom-designed Tests forMastitis-causing Bacteria


Mastitis in just 3 hours

Mastit 4 - oversigtsbillede

Mastit 4 is a fast and cost-efficient qPCR test for the bacteria that cause mastitis. Thanks to minimal hands-on time, Mastit 4 gives you results in just 3 hours. Individually designed to meet your needs, Mastit 4 can analyze for 4, 8, 12 or 16 species of microorganisms. Mastit 4 can be used with both fresh and preserved milk samples.


Test for
Salmonella in just 12 hours

Salmonella, Oversigt

DNA Diagnostic A/S manufacture a NordVal (Certification no 041) approved real-time PCR Salmonella test for a rapid detection of Salmonella . The real-time PCR assay is delivered as a ready-to-use mix into which only sample needs to be added. The real-time PCR primers and probes are specific for Salmonella bacteria species and an internal reaction control template. 

Detect Translocationsin just 4 hours

HemaVision 2 oversigt

HemaVision® is a series of CE marked in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for fast and sensitive detection of chromosomal translocations associated with leukemia. The tests are fast one-day or 4 hours screening tests for up to 28 translocations including more than 145 translocation breakpoints in one single test.


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