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Fast, easy and
safe screeningwith HemaVision®

HemaVision is a range of multiplex Q-PCR kits, designed to detect up to 28 different chromosomal alterations, including more than 145 breakpoints and splice variants.

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Custom-designedtests for mastitis

Mastit 4 is a fast and cost-efficient qPCR test

for microorganisms causing mastitis.

Thanks to minimal hands-on time,

Mastit 4 gives you results in just 3 hours!


Welcome toDNA Diagnostic

DNA Diagnostic A/S develops and produces the newest CE-IVD approved RT-qPCR HemaVision® kits for fast and sensitive dectection of leukemia.


We manufacture assays for detection of pathogenic microorganisms in the food and pharma industry, like tests for Salmonella and tests for Mastitis.




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Market-leading assays and support.

DNA Diagnostic A/S offers the most comprehensive, fast and cost-effective screening tests on the market.



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Run aHemaVision®

HemaVision® is a series of CE-marked in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for fast and sensitive detection of chromosomal translocations associated with leukemia. The tests are fast one-day or 4 hours screening tests for up to 28 translocations including more than 145 translocation breakpoints in one single test.





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